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A Strong Defense For Clients Charged With Drug Offenses

You have much to lose if you are under suspicion of drug possession, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation or trafficking of controlled substances. Besides a criminal record and penalties, such as jail time and fines, you may be barred from certain occupations, student loans and security clearances.

If you have been named in an investigation, questioned or arrested, you must take your legal situation very seriously. At KesslerWilliams, our criminal defense attorneys serve people accused of crimes involving illegal substances in the St. Louis metro area in both Missouri and Illinois. We handle nearly every case imaginable, from simple possession to felony drug trafficking.

A Prompt And Decisive Strategy May Turn Your Case Around

Even before you go before a prosecutor or judge, you can make a difference in your own drug crime case. You may be able to get your criminal defense underway early in your case by voluntarily entering into drug dependency treatment. If you are a known felony offender for drug possession charges, possession with intent, cocaine possession or other offenses, you may be a candidate for the Drug Court Program, with great opportunities to get therapeutic help while avoiding the harshest penalties. It is critical to hire drug possession lawyers immediately. The sooner you have an attorney working on your drug possession crime cases, the better your chances of a light sentence.

We Want To Help You Reverse Course And Move Toward A Bright Future Once Again

We are ready to fight on your behalf. Are you ready to join in? A trusting attorney-client relationship can go a long way in getting results in your favor if your criminal charges involve:

  • Marijuana and/or cannabis
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Cocaine, heroin, ecstasy or other “street” narcotics
  • Oxycodone or other prescription drugs, including opioids

We are here to answer your questions about illegal drugs and the criminal justice system, such as the following:

Can an attorney help me avoid jail time?

We always strive to achieve this outcome for our clients. In fact, we have helped many of them get charges dismissed or reduced. Our defense tactics have helped many avoid jail time altogether and turn their lives around.

What are my rights if I’m arrested for a drug crime?

You have the same rights that anyone accused of a crime has, such as the right to the assumption of your innocence and the right to have a drug possession attorney represent you.

Can I still be arrested for marijuana possession now that it is legal in Missouri?

Yes – you may still face arrests for marijuana possession and subsequent marijuana possession charges even though the state has decriminalized its use. In Missouri, you can possess up to three ounces of marijuana. If the amounts of marijuana in your possession are greater than three ounces, you could get charged with marijuana possession. If you have drug possession lawyers, they may be able to fight unlawful possession charges and avoid a conviction.

Besides the drug treatment strategy described above, what are other common defenses to drug crime charges?

When the police have executed an illegal search without a search warrant to obtain supposed evidence of a drug crime, we bring these unlawful tactics to light. This helps us challenge arrests for drug possession and various drug possession crime allegations successfully. Many of our clients’ charges have been dismissed with this defense strategy.

Get Legal Advice And A Strong Defense For Your Drug Charges

Our experienced attorneys have gotten positive results in state and federal drug cases for decades. We will defend you against legal challenges such as drug conspiracy, wire fraud and related criminal charges.

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