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William Marsh

William Marsh


William Marsh is an experienced and seasoned defense attorney. Since 2008, he has defended individuals accused of serious crimes. After nearly a decade of trial practice at the state court level, in 2016 Mr. Marsh joined the Office of Federal Defender. While serving as a Federal Defender, he handled hundreds of serious felonies not only at the trial level, but also on appeal. Therefore, he possesses a deep understanding of and appreciation for the complexities of federal practice and occupies a uniquely experienced position to navigate and assist individuals charged with crimes in state and federal court.

While trial skills and appellate advocacy are crucial skills for any effective attorney, throughout his career Mr. Marsh has argued countless pretrial motions, many of which have resulted in the outright dismissal of criminal charges. As a result, he has many times over secured successful results for his clients without the necessity and risk of a trial.

Mr. Marsh is a leader in his profession. He has taught trial advocacy courses to other practicing attorneys, and he presents regularly at seminars focused on federal criminal practice, particularly as it relates to defendants who are also charged in the state court system. As both a lawyer and a teacher, Mr. Marsh diligently tracks and follows the law as it develops. In his experience, Mr. Marsh recognizes the impulse to punish is often driven by emotion more than reason-an unfortunate fact that breeds significant injustice. His mission is to ensure clients never fall prey to an indifferent and often unfair system.