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Defense For Weapons And Firearms Charges

Your gun rights as a U.S. citizen should not be in question. However, you may be in trouble with the law because of charges from alleged violations of specific laws about guns or other weapons. You may have been accused of disobeying city, county, state or federal laws or regulations regarding:

  • Possession or use of illegal weapons such as explosive weapons
  • Disallowed uses of guns or other weapons
  • Buying, selling, possessing or using unregistered or improperly registered guns of any variety

In these circumstances, you urgently need the advice and advocacy of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Have you been accused of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit? Soon, police investigators may begin interrogating you about your weapons or gun use or possession. To protect your rights, we urge you to get legal counsel before answering lengthy questions of this nature. You can make your legal status much worse by giving inconsistent explanations or confessing to crimes without realizing it. Contact KesslerWilliams to learn how we can help preserve your freedom and future.

Questions And Answers About Laws Concerning Guns And Weapons

Bring us your concerns about weapons or gun charges such as the following.

When should I bring an attorney into my weapons or gun charges case?

If you have been questioned, arrested or charged with possession of illegal weapons or improperly registered or unregistered firearms, get a lawyer’s help, ideally, before answering questions from the police. An attorney may be able to help you stay out of jail and avoid harsh penalties, including a criminal record.

Can I get my gun rights back if I have been convicted of a felony?

Typically, a felony conviction in Missouri will mean that you cannot legally own or use guns even after your penalties are completed. However, if it was a first-time offense, you may be able to apply for an expungement in a few years. If your criminal record is successfully expunged, you may recover your right to bear arms.

What’s the difference between open carry and conceal and carry?

As the terms suggest, open carry refers to carrying a firearm visibly in public places, whereas concealed carry means that someone’s firearm cannot easily be seen by others. Know your rights and get legal counsel right away if you are accused of violating a local, state or federal law governing the ways in which you can legally carry or use guns in your city, county or state.

What should I do if I’m facing weapons charges in the St. Louis area?

In a nutshell: consult with a defense attorney as soon as possible. Meanwhile, do not use your gun or weapon in ways that may have prompted your criminal charges until you get legal advice.

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