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Facing Federal Criminal Allegations

When it comes to criminal charges – white collar crimes and others – one thing is certain: being prosecuted at the federal level can turn your life upside down.

But the attorneys at KesslerWilliams aren’t afraid of a challenge. We fight ruthlessly for those facing federal criminal charges in St. Louis and strive to defend them from severe penalties.

Protecting You From Federal Sex Crime Charges

Being accused of a sex crime is incredibly damaging. Especially given the stringent penalties for such offenses at the federal level. At KesslerWilliams, we’re well-versed in these cases. We’ve successfully defended clients facing charges for:

  • Child pornography
  • Sex trafficking
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Offenses involving minors

Our attorneys can minimize the harmful effects of sex crime accusations on your life and reputation.

When Do Drug Crimes Result In Federal Charges?

Many times, criminal charges and penalties for drug charges are issued at the state level. However, there are instances in which these offenses are escalated to the federal level. These include:

  • Trafficking drugs across state lines
  • Being discovered with drugs on federal lands
  • Getting caught in a federal sting operation or crackdown
  • When state officials cooperate with federal agents
  • When the offense is especially severe

If you’re facing a drug charge at the federal level, the attorneys at KesslerWilliams are here to help. We don’t shy away from high-stakes cases – we tackle them head-on.

Powerful Defense In Federal Weapons Crimes

Everyone lawfully present in the United States has the constitutional right to bear arms or possess weapons. However, this right does not apply to people who:

  • Are a fugitive from justice
  • Are in the country illegally
  • Are addicted to illegal drugs
  • Have renounced their citizenship in the United States
  • Have an order of protection against them
  • Have a severe mental disorder or have been committed to a mental health facility
  • Have been convicted of a felony criminal offense
  • Have been convicted of domestic violence

People who meet the above criteria found in possession of a firearm or ammunition could face severe federal penalties.

Our attorneys frequently represent people facing federal weapons charges and successfully defend them from the penalties.

Lessen The Impact Of A Federal Charge

Without proper legal intervention following a federal criminal charge, life as you know it could be over. At KesslerWilliams, our attorneys’ top priority is mitigation. We strive to keep our clients out of court, settle issues before trial and shield them from severe penalties. 

If you’re dealing with a serious criminal issue, contact our firm for a consultation. Call 314-720-5476 or message us online to schedule.