KesslerWilliams is the criminal defense law firm you need to succeed in the courtroom.

A Criminal Defense Firm That Provides Aggressive, Forward-Looking Advocacy

If you have recently been arrested or learned that you are under investigation on suspicion of a crime, you will naturally worry first about the immediate threats to your freedom and well-being. Will you be stuck in jail for a while? Will you be able to carry on with life as usual while your defense gets underway? What will the long-term consequences be to your reputation, personal life and livelihood?

Your situation may seem overwhelming as you are facing criminal charges or allegations. Rest assured. At KesslerWilliams, we have decades of experience helping our fellow Missourians, as well as Illinoisans, courageously overcome criminal charges.

For Your Own Good, Work Closely With Your Defense Attorney

Your lawyer may succeed in getting your case dismissed or even prevent an arrest if you have not yet been arrested. When you work with KesslerWilliams, you will benefit as your attorney guides you in the right direction while keeping you well-informed about all aspects of the criminal justice system and legal processes that pertain to you.

We fight for fair trials and out-of-court solutions for people charged with crimes such as the following in the St. Louis area and beyond:

  • Driving or boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI/DWI or BUI)
  • Speeding, driving recklessly or other serious traffic violations
  • Violent crimes, including assault and battery, domestic violence and abuse, weapons violations, kidnapping and arson
  • Fraud, conspiracy, identification theft (ID theft) and other white collar crimes
  • Shoplifting, robbery and other types of theft
  • Sexual assault and other sex crimes
  • Drug possession, manufacture or distribution
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Probation and parole violations

Let us know what questions you have about your charges or any criminal law issues such as those discussed below.

Common Questions About Criminal Defense

We are here to provide information as well as prepare effective defense strategies. Ask us whatever is on your mind such as the following.

Why should I hire a criminal defense attorney?

An experienced lawyer understands the legal system and the most effective routes to favorable outcomes in a wide range of criminal cases. People who settle for working with public defenders or attempt to represent themselves often make mistakes and may serve jail time when they could have had probation instead.

Should I answer questions that the police or other law enforcement agents ask me?

You should give your name and be courteous. However, for your own sake, you should not answer detailed questions about the circumstances of your arrest or the charges against you before seeking legal counsel. Police investigators are trained to interview suspects in an attempt to get a confession leading to a conviction. The less you say about an alleged criminal offense without an attorney’s guidance, the better.

Why should I hire KesslerWilliams?

A review of our qualifications will help you see why our firm is a good choice for aggressive criminal defense in the St. Louis area. One of our attorneys is a former prosecutor. Several have been educators in law schools. Our jury trial experience, track record and dedication to your defense are reasons to give our firm a second look.

Related Areas Of Our Full-Service Defense Practice

A criminal allegation can also raise issues regarding your employment, education, immigration status and driving privileges, including your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Furthermore, you may face an administrative hearing involving the Department of Revenue or Division of Social Services, or a hearing regarding your employment license with The Missouri Bar, the Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, the Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners or a similar credentialing organization. If you are a student or college educator, you may have to defend yourself from allegations of violating collegiate misconduct policies covered by Title IX.

Our attorneys at KesslerWilliams have a record of success in resolving the issues referenced above. Our legal advice encompasses a wide array of criminal and professional credentials defense issues in St. Louis and the surrounding areas in eastern Missouri and southern Illinois.

Get Sound Legal Advice And A Strong Defense For Criminal Charges

Know your legal rights. Start collaborating with our team after you have been charged with a crime, named in a criminal investigation or scheduled for a criminal trial. We will work toward the most important goal for you: preventing a criminal conviction and a criminal record.

To reach our Saint Louis law office and schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney about your marijuana possession charges or any misdemeanor or felony charges, call 314-720-5476 or email us.