Prosecutions of White Collar Crimes Increase

As the Offices of the United States Attorneys pursue more and more white collar offenses in the wake of our country’s historic financial meltdown, it is necessary to realize that not everyone alleged to have participated in one of these complex schemes or offenses is guilty for the conduct of others.  Such white collar offenses may include money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, corporate fraud, health care fraud, hedge fund fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, and securities and commodities fraud.

Although the government may do its best to sift through the available evidence, that does not mean the government is in possession of all the facts. Sometimes there is no way out for the innocently accused short of a trial.

If you or someone you know find this situation uncomfortably familiar, realize that for its many claims of a 95% conviction rate, even the United States government must admit that it has not been successful in convicting everyone it has charged. Effective representation under the 6th Amendment of the United States Constitution is a right with which the government cannnot interfere.

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